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Q: When are my taxes due?

A: Taxes for businesses can be due annually, quarterly or monthly depending on your arrangement.  Your Federal and State taxes may have different schedules.  It is critical that you keep up with these schedules to avoid fines.

Individual taxes are to be postmarked no later than April 15th if you owe money.  You can file an extension by April 15th if you are not ready to file by that date.  If you are due a refund then you do not have to file by April 15th.

Q: Can I still take advantage of the GO ZONE?

A: The GO ZONE was put in place in 2006 to assist in rebuilding businesses and the economy in those areas hardest hit by hurricanes. In Mississippi, the area eligible extends from Jackson to the coast. While there were many benefits available when the GO ZONE was established, and most were extended beyond the initial cut-off date, there are still some benefits available in 2008. However, these benefits are available primarily to individuals and businesses located in the coastal counties and construction begun prior to December 31, 2007.